Today, Himicheskaya industriya LLC is a vertically integrated structure that includes enterprises engaged in an integrated approach to the supply of petrochemical products in Russia, the CIS, and Europe.
The group of companies has warehouses with irreducible stocks which ensure uninterrupted supply of a wide range of certified products to manufacturers.
Himicheskaya industriya LLC makes its significant and undeniable contribution to the preservation of natural resources and maintaining ecological balance through the implementation of joint projects for the processing and disposal of polymer waste in Russia.
The history of our company originates in 2011. Today, being a fairly young company, we keep up with pace introducing promising standards in the field of business process management, optimization of logistics supply chains, striving to become one of the largest companies supplying polymer raw materials in Russia.
Three years later, starting in 2014, Himicheskaya industriya LLC supplies polymers to every third manufacturer in the Southern Federal District of Russia.
The year 2015 is marked in the history of the company as the date of going beyond the territory of Russia to the markets of the CIS, Europe, and Turkey.
Starting from 2017, Himicheskaya industriya LLC annually expands the geography of supplies by opening warehouses in the various federal districts of Russia.

The company's mission is to provide a wide range of services to manufacturers and recyclers of polymer raw materials for the efficient use of their production, material, and financial resources.

Our vision of the development path and leadership principles determine how we interact and how we will consistently achieve outstanding results.

Our values are:

  • Safe and reliable delivery of high quality products to customers and partners
  • Responsible and honest attitude to partners based on international legal norms
  • The pursuit of excellence in every endeavor of the company

Environmental policy of Himicheskaya industriya LLC is based on increased attention to the environmental consequences of the core business, reduction of negative environmental and climate impacts.

Environmental safety goals:

  • Pollution prevention
  • Waste treatment and disposal
  • Rational use of natural resources
  • Ensuring a level of environmental impact that meets the established requirements of national and international legislation
Company strategy

In the modern world of high standards, we strive for the highest level of quality and reliability of services for our partners, as well as for the competitiveness of our offers. Moving forward, we are aimed at the highest possible result for our partners.

We are a focused and market oriented company. Constantly improving, we do our best to meet the requirements of partners and customers.

Our company is focused on such market verticals as:

  • Maintaining an impeccable business reputation
  • Analysis and forecasting of polymer market trends
  • Constant work to expand the range of goods and services that may be in demand in the future
  • Integrity and understanding of the company's future development path
  • Understanding the needs of our partners and customers and attracting all the necessary resources to meet their needs
  • Respect for people and protection of our planet
Management message

We strive to both maintain a reputation at the proper level, and also to achieve more and more high-quality, comfortable and effective work with our Customers. Himicheskaya industriya LLC strives to be a company with a human face and in relation to the employees that make up its greatest value.

Without stopping at what has been achieved, we are intensely preparing for the leap into the future. Continuous research and development along with the coverage of new enterprises have become the engine for the future company growth. As a result, Himicheskaya industriya LLC has created an effective business portfolio based on superior cost competitiveness.

The management and employees strive to expand business opportunities of the company. Along with this, the company faces the task of creating special social values. This is necessary for integration into a comprehensive future as a responsible member of society.

Himicheskaya industriya LLC continues to adhere to its objectives. We strive to start a new chapter in the company history, every day we approach the goal of becoming a global chemical company and being one of the best ones. The company commits itself to contribute to the prosperity of humanity and to continue to take an active part in creating a better future.

Anton Pinenkov
Anton Pinenkov
President & CEO
Anton Pinenkov
Anton Pinenkov
President & CEO
Yulia Ozhog
Yulia Ozhog
Head of sales department
Sergey Antonkin
Sergey Antonkin
Sales manager
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